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How to invest in water and hydro-sustainability

May 11, 2023 | Follow the Money

HeyTrade’s “Water” thematic investment collection brings together companies that use state-of-the-art technology to combat water scarcity 

The lack of water is increasingly worrying and could become a very serious problem in the coming decades, especially in certain regions. In several parts of Spain, up to 100 consecutive days without rain have been recorded this year. In addition to increasing the risk of fires, this situation will result in water shortages, restrictions, and significant increases in food prices

Although the world’s population is growing steadily (we are already close to 8 billion people), our capacity to produce drinking water is not growing at the same rate. For this reason, companies working to solve this problem have a lot to say and could be excellent long-term investments.

What requirements do the companies on this list meet?

The selection has been carried out on the basis of a proprietary rating methodology. In addition to quantitative metrics related to their equity and rating, the companies on this list provide solutions to water issues on a global scale and contribute to sustainable investment

These companies stand out for their efforts to mitigate climate change, use water and marine resources sustainably, prevent and control pollution, or protect and restore biodiversity and ecosystems.  Through their activities, these companies provide technologies to improve water quality, maximize water efficiency, or increase the number of households connected to water services. Among other factors, commitment to these activities has been measured in terms of each company’s turnover, capital equipment expenditure, and earnings before interest and taxes.

Some of the areas covered by the companies in this collection are:

  • Water production
  • Water treatment and desalination
  • Water transportation and distribution
  • Treatment of wastewater, sewage, and solid, liquid and chemical wastes 
  • Wastewater treatment plants 
  • Provision of water engineering and consulting services and equipment.

In HeyTrade’s “Water” collection, you can find 20 companies related to this topic to invest in.


Are you missing any companies that should be featured in this collection? Let us know and help us grow this list. 

If you’re looking for more ideas to invest in companies consistent with your values, you’re in luck! At HeyTrade we have created seven collections that make it easy to access thematic investing: clean energy, water, artificial intelligence, gender equality, electric vehicles, gaming and eSports, and aging population. Join HeyTrade and discover them! 

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