Driven by the pursuit of opportunity

We want to make a difference and lead a real change in the way you invest. At HeyTrade we have created a secure, intuitive investment app with the fairest and most transparent fees in the market.

Our mission: to simplify your investments

We leverage the latest technology to help you invest frictionlessly across all major markets and asset classes. We meet the highest security standards and offer you guarantees and levels of protection equivalent to those of banks.

How do we make money?

Our income comes from two sources: foreign exchange commissions and transaction fees. That’s all.

With HeyTrade you will never encounter any unexpected expenses or hidden commissions on your profits. Nor do we make any profit from sending your orders to a specific trading venue. You could say we are haters heyters of the small print (excuse the bad joke).

This is our history

HeyTrade was born in Madrid in 2020 with a clear objective: to provide investors in Spain with an alternative to traditional banking.

We wanted to create the app that, as passionate investors, we had been waiting for years.

So we got down to work to design a platform that would provide real and secure access to the main world markets, with an affordable and transparent pricing system, and a customer service team to talk to on a one-to-one basis. And we did it in record time. On the sunny morning of October 7, 2021, HeyTrade went live.

A team you can talk to

We have first-hand knowledge of all the procedures and scenarios that investors in Spain have to deal with. Our Customer Success team was awarded in the category of Best Customer Service in the Rankia Awards 2021.

Join our way of investing