iShares UCITS ETFs

BlackRock’s iShares UCITS ETFs are available on HeyTrade. Enjoy the benefits of diversification with this range of sustainable investment opportunities.

Diversification and asset allocation may not fully protect you from market risk.

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A portfolio to reach your goals

A global asset manager

BlackRock has helped millions of people invest to build savings that serve them through their lives.

More resilient to volatility

BlackRock’s multi-asset ETFs allow investors to obtain a greater degree of diversification.

Aligned to your needs

Choose from conservative, moderate or growth ETFs and build a strong long-term investment portfolio.

Sustainable investing made simple

BlackRock offers the only ESG Multi-Asset ETF solutions in Europe¹, helping you invest your money in a diversified, easy and sustainable way. iShares by BlackRock has been a leader in the ETF marketplace for more than two decades² by providing portfolio building blocks for investors large and small.

  • 1: BlackRock, January 2022
  • 2: BlackRock, at 28th February 2022. iShares launched the first European ETFs in 2000

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