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How to invest in electric vehicles

Aug 9, 2023 | Follow the Money

This thematic investment collection from HeyTrade focuses on an industry that is moving towards near-complete electrification. 

Automakers plan to develop and produce more than 50 million electric cars over the next seven years. The deployment of electric vehicles will be crucial to achieving greenhouse gas reduction targets, and the World Economic Forum estimates that to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy, global battery production will need to increase 19-fold by 2030.

Although global EV registrations are estimated to have increased by 52% in 2022, EVs still accounted for less than 12% of new vehicles sold, highlighting that there is considerable scope for further adoption. Electric vehicles produce no direct emissions, so their widespread adoption could reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve urban air quality. Advances in autonomous driving could also improve road safety.


What requirements do the companies on this list meet?

The selection has been carried out based on a proprietary rating methodology. In addition to quantitative metrics related to net worth and rating, the companies in this list have been chosen, because, through their activity, they allow to take advantage of the benefits of the irreversible transition to electric vehicles. 

All the companies in this collection derive a significant portion of their revenues from electric vehicles and assisted driving technologies. This collection has a high growth potential and includes not only manufacturers but also distributors and other companies that change the way we drive.

Some of the areas covered by these companies are:

  • Electric and autonomous vehicle manufacturing.
  • Suppliers of batteries for electric and autonomous vehicles.
  • Other suppliers in the supply chain of electric vehicle manufacturers.

In HeyTrade’s “Electric vehicles” collection you can find 20 companies related to this topic to invest in.


Are you missing any companies that should be featured in this collection? Let us know and help us grow this list. 

If you’re looking for more ideas to invest in companies consistent with your values, you’re in luck! At HeyTrade we have created seven collections that make it easy to access thematic investing: clean energy, water, artificial intelligence, gender equality, electric vehicles, gaming and eSports, and aging population. Join HeyTrade and discover them! 

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