HeyTrade business solutions

A complete end-to-end brokerage solution

Discover the fully customizable investment platform that will empower you to reach a new generation of traders and boost your bottom line.

Any way you want it.

Our fully customizable, white-label trading solution can help you better monetize your banking platform and reinforce your brand identity.

Slick looks. Advanced tech.

Meet the expectations of today’s investors.

Broaden your product offering, improve your digital capabilities and become a world-class wealth management hub.

Launch a top-flight investment platform.

One-stop destination for wealth management services
Compliant with the highest security standards
Seamless onboarding and KYC
Omnichannel trading experience
Real access to global markets

Secure and local custody services with leading global partners

Proven success.

Our journey began with a request from our partner Beka Finance: to build a full-fledged investment platform for the next generation of global traders. The resulting app bears our name and is available for mobile and web.

Local custody and customer service Real access to global markets
Built and launched in under a year +2,500 products in catalogue One of the fastest-growing trading apps in Spain


What brokerage services does HeyTrade Business Solutions offer?

We can provide all the services you need to present your clients with a complete, well-rounded investment platform. Our services range from cash management to financial advice, stock market analysis, stock quotes, or execution services. By teaming up with leading global players in the industry, we ensure a seamless integration of all these key areas.

What custody services do you provide?

We work with top-tier global partners to provide local and secure custody services. Among the custody services we offer are transaction reporting, clearing, settlement, and accounting engines.

How can HeyTrade Business Solutions help me boost other areas of my business?

By enhancing your upselling and cross-selling capabilities. Based on data analytics, you will be able to segment clients into dynamic clusters, predict behaviors, and present them with actionable insights, always in compliance with the current regulations on data privacy.

What security mechanisms are integrated into HeyTrade Business Solutions?

We perform daily vulnerability scans and have a state-of-the-art firewall to detect and protect our platform against potential threats. We also have tools and systems in place to collect data, report suspicious activity, encrypt connections, segment networks, store sensitive information, and generate dynamic credentials, among others.

How customizable are your solutions?

We can build an investment platform that is fully aligned with the look and feel of your corporate branding, both for desktop and mobile devices. We can also adjust the layout according to defined user groups –such as employees or specific age segments. In addition, our software allows investors to customize their platform by setting it to light or dark mode, personalizing their home screen, or enabling accessibility features for the visually impaired.

Does HeyTrade Business Solutions enable full MiFID II compliance?

Absolutely. We have built an integrated appropriateness test that supports MiFID II compliance while optimizing the trading experience of your clients through an intuitive and smooth customer journey.

How does your technology contribute to the implementation of ESG criteria?

Our product offering includes ESG impact analysis tools. This feature allows investors to scan their current portfolio and take environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into account when making investment decisions.

Does your platform allow for recurring investments?

Yes. Our solution makes it possible to automate investment and empowers your clients to make recurring contributions for the purchase of stocks, exchange-traded funds, and investment plans, among other products.