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How to invest in artificial intelligence

Aug 8, 2023 | Follow the Money

Discover HeyTrade’s thematic collection dedicated to the potential driver of the next industrial revolution.

Artificial intelligence is a field of study focused on the development of programs that store and process information, and that – through algorithms that replicate the functioning of the human brain – are capable of making their own decisions. The applications of artificial intelligence are infinite and extend to practically all sectors of the global economy, from medical diagnostics to agricultural production, education, and financial management.

Investing in this booming technology is an upward trend, due in part to its enormous potential for diversification. Although 2022 was the year artificial intelligence burst into the public conversation and consciousness, investment in companies in this field increased more than sixfold between 2016 and 2021. This overwhelming growth attests to the importance of the development of artificial intelligence in financial markets and confirms it as a key technology that is already making a significant impact on the global economy.


What requirements do the companies on this list meet?

The selection has been carried out based on a proprietary rating methodology. In addition to quantitative metrics related to net worth and rating, the companies in this list have been chosen for their links to the main subtopics of artificial intelligence.

All the companies in this collection operate or have a close relationship with artificial intelligence. Among others, the reasons for their selection may be:

  • Their activity as developers of artificial intelligence-based technologies.
  • Their ability to collect and provide data necessary for the development and application of artificial intelligence.
  • The way in which they use artificial intelligence in their activity, thus increasing their business competitiveness and demonstrating above-average growth prospects.

In HeyTrade’s “Artificial Intelligence” collection you can find 27 companies related to this topic to invest in.


Are you missing any companies that should be featured in this collection? Let us know and help us grow this list. 

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