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HeyTrade maintains its Pro plan for all users through 2023

Dec 28, 2022 | HeyTrade Updates

The Lite plan, reserved for users with less than 25,000 euros on the platform, will not come into effect until 2024.

In view of the arrival of new users, and with the aim of continuing to make investing and saving easier for as many people as possible, all our clients will benefit from the advantages of the Pro plan until 2024.

“In the current economic environment, with inflation hitting the ceiling and interest rates on the rise, we want to help small investors get the most out of their portfolio and provide them with more facilities to invest in their future,” explains Ramiro Martinez-Pardo, CEO of HeyTrade. “We have decided to postpone the entry into force of the Lite plan so that all our users – as well as everyone who signs up with HeyTrade during 2023 – can take advantage of the Pro rates, with no conditions attached, until 2024.”

In the last month of 2022, we recorded a 13% increase in customer registrations. This jump has been largely driven by our portfolio transfer campaign, which bonuses transfers from another entity with up to €300, and the influx of many investors looking for solid, locally custodied alternatives. “In addition to the bonus for bringing their portfolio, we want to thank these new clients for their trust, and provide them with as many facilities as possible to grow their investment portfolio over the next year,” adds our CEO.

To date, all HeyTrade users have enjoyed Pro conditions thanks to our launch promotion. Instead of extending the promotion for a limited time, we have chosen to send a stronger message and confirm that Lite rates, reserved for portfolios below EUR 25,000 (between available balance and investment portfolio), will not come into effect until 2024.

Our Pro plan applies a commission of 5 basis points (0.05%) with a minimum of 2 euros to transactions in European and UK securities, and 0.1% in foreign exchange. Trading in U.S. stocks is free, as is maintenance, dividend collection, and custody.

“In addition, we have created a collection of 100 free ETFs in order to facilitate access to these products for all those interested in long-term savings,” concludes Ramiro Martínez-Pardo. The other exchange-traded funds on the platform apply the same fees as stocks.


If you have any questions, please send us an email to We will be happy to help you.

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