Simplified investing for all traders

Buy and sell USA, EU and UK stocks & ETFs instantly with Open Banking tech

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An all-new approach to investing

Secure bank sync

Connect your bank and operate right away with Open Banking technology. No need to wait for money transfers.

No commissions on your benefits

We want to grow with you, not at your expense. Forget about fixed costs or permanence, pay only when you trade.

Your portfolio in your pocket

Real-time market data

Access to real-time financial information and get transparency of how market prices impact your portfolio.

Transparent and intuitive

All features are built with your best interest at heart. We’re committed to offering you support in whatever way you prefer.

Meet your new full-fledged investing platform

Investing with others

  • High transaction fees
  • Hidden costs
  • Complex and time-consuming
  • Limited stock offer
  • Slow account verification
  • 3 days to add money and start investing

Investing with HeyTrade

  • Honestly low fees
  • No fixed costs
  • Intuitive and clean design
  • Access to USA, EU and UK stocks & ETFs
  • Create an account in 5 minutes and trade right away
  • Operate instantly with Open Banking

Maintaining the highest security standards

We have multiple systems at HeyTrade, including regulatory compliance, corporate processes, security surveillance and IT security to ensure your account and investments are safe with us. Your security is our priority.

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