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What is HeyTrade? 5 things you should know about us

Aug 16, 2021 | HeyTrade Updates

HeyTrade is a full-fledged investing platform that offers real access to global markets.

With an intuitive mobile app, we are challenging banks and traditional brokers on investing accessibility, user experience and costs. HeyTrade is currently available in Spain, and will be launching in other markets soon.

Here are 5 things you should know about us:

1. We are all about high tech and low commissions

We are on a mission to make investing smooth and reliable. We work with the best technology partners to deliver a seamless, intuitive and safe investing experience. In the markets everything goes very fast, so an agile investing platform is vital to avoid missing out on opportunities.

Process automation is the key that enables us to offer the fairest and most transparent rates in the market.

2. We belong to a complex space but our business model is transparent

Some neobrokers offer synthetic products that replicate a security. Not at HeyTrade. We provide real access to more than 1,500 stocks and ETFs. And counting. When you trade with us, you buy real assets. Fair and square.

Besides, we want to grow with you, not at your expense. At HeyTrade, there are no fixed costs or permanence, you pay only when you trade.

3. We are flexible, but have a firm commitment to security

Flexibility and collaboration are part of our DNA. We are proud to be part of a team that is ambitious, value-driven and eager to build the future of investing.

We meet the highest security standards and offer you guarantees and levels of protection equivalent to those of traditional banks. In fact, we far exceed the requirements for digital investment platforms.

4. We have a local team and a global spirit

Being a Spanish company, we know first-hand all the procedures and situations that investors must face in this country. Our custodian is based in Spain, which streamlines our users’ tax formalities. For example, by operating with us, no need to fill in the D6 and 720 tax forms.

And while we have launched in Spain, we will soon make the leap to other countries.

5. Our services are fully digital but we keep a strong human touch

HeyTrade is built by people, for people. If you are worried about something, you can be sure that we will do our best to help you. Our customer success is fully based in Spain and will assist you and answer your questions by phone, email, chat or WhatsApp!



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