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Bring your portfolio to HeyTrade and earn up to 300 euros

Feb 15, 2022 | HeyTrade Updates

It’s time to transfer your portfolio to HeyTrade and get the most out of your investments.


If you transfer your stock portfolio to HeyTrade before April 30 2022, you will benefit from a one-time promotion: HeyTrade will pay into your account the amount equivalent to 1% of the transferred stocks, with a maximum bonus limit of 300 EUR. 


Why transfer your stock portfolio to HeyTrade?

Because we want to grow with you, not at your expense. With the lowest commissions in the market, at HeyTrade you pay only when you trade. This means you won’t have to pay custody, maintenance or dividend collection fees.

Combine this with an exceptional customer support team, bank-like security levels, and the advantages of trading on a Spanish platform (forget about filling out the D6 and 720 tax forms), and it’s clear that transferring your shares to HeyTrade is a good decision.

Moreover, if you sign up before March 31, 2022, you will enjoy the conditions of the PRO plan for the whole year, regardless of the size of your portfolio.


How to transfer your portfolio to HeyTrade?

It is very easy to initiate the transfer of stocks to HeyTrade. You can send us an email with your request to (remember to do it using the email account you have verified in our app) including the following documentation:

  • Current portfolio statement showing the securities you want to transfer.  In the same document must appear a paragraph with your signature and authorization to make the transfer.
  • Average acquisition price of the shares to be transferred.

Once we verify that the transfer is possible, we will inform you of the steps to follow.


Conditions of the promotion

The bonus will be credited to your HeyTrade account as of May 15, 2022. The transferred shares must have a minimum valuation of 5,000 EUR and belong exclusively to the HeyTrade account holder. This campaign is not applicable to transfers made before February 15, 2022. You can check the conditions of the promotion here (in Spanish). 




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