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Top up your account automatically with recurring card payments

Oct 30, 2022 | HeyTrade Updates

Creating a recurring card top-up is a great way to help you stick to a budget and save time and money.


You can now add balance to your HeyTrade account automatically and as often as you choose.


How do recurring card payments work?

To start, define the starting date of the recurring payment. You can pick one of the 7 days following the first available date (Tomorrow). Next, set the frequency of payments. You can choose between weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly intervals.

If you set up a monthly or bimonthly recurring transfer, the payment will be made on a calendar month basis. In other words, if you set up an automatic monthly top-up to be activated on January 15, the next payment will be made on February 15. If a transfer is scheduled for January 31, the next payment will be made on February 28 (the last available day of the month).

Lastly, set an expiration date to define when you want the recurrent top-ups to stop. You will then see a summary of the total payments you will make. This final date is not binding in any way, you can cancel any recurring payment anytime you like, without fees.

In the payment confirmation screen, you will see a summary of the recurring payment and an overview of its total amount and cost. You will be notified the day before a scheduled payment and at the exact time of its execution.

Please note that if the bank cancels the transaction, the recurring payment will be automatically deleted. You can cancel periodic top-ups from the ‘Recurring payments’ section in your HeyTrade profile.


If you have any questions, please send us an email to We will be happy to help you.

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