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How to invest in aging population

Aug 7, 2023 | Follow the Money

This HeyTrade thematic collection addresses a demographic phenomenon that will strongly impact markets in the long term.

Increasing life expectancy and declining birth rates are changing the population pyramid. Sooner or later, all nations will be affected by the rapid aging of the population, although the most developed countries will have to react most urgently.

The industries that stand to benefit from this trend are those related to promoting a healthy lifestyle and caring for seniors. For this reason, investing in companies that cater to this growing market segment can be an exciting option for savers interested in the long term.


What requirements do the companies on this list meet?

The selection has been carried out based on a proprietary rating methodology. In addition to quantitative metrics related to net worth and rating, the companies in this list have been chosen for their potential contribution to improving the quality of life of people over 60.

All the companies in this collection derive significant revenues from the growing needs of the world’s aging population. These stocks have high growth potential due to economic and social development and the many current medical advances, leading to a significant increase in life expectancy in both developed and emerging markets.

Some of the areas covered by the companies in this collection are:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical equipment
  • Security solutions 
  • Leisure products and services
  • Wellness products 
  • Financial services, savings banks 
  • Products and services for dependent persons

In HeyTrade’s “Aging population” collection you can find 28 companies related to this topic to invest in.


Are you missing any companies that should be featured in this collection? Let us know and help us grow this list. 

If you’re looking for more ideas to invest in companies consistent with your values, you’re in luck! At HeyTrade we have created seven collections that make it easy to access thematic investing: clean energy, water, artificial intelligence, gender equality, electric vehicles, gaming and eSports, and aging population. Join HeyTrade and discover them! 

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