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HeyTrade is launched

Oct 7, 2021 | HeyTrade Updates

· Thanks to its differentiated technology, users will be able to invest in more than 1,500 stocks and ETFs from all over the world with fair and much lower fees than those of traditional players.

· A true Open Banking approach makes HeyTrade the best tool for the individual investor to get the most out of their money in the most agile and simple way.

· The platform, which aims to reach 100,000 users over the next year, plans to close a financing round with international partners in the coming months to start its international expansion

· The company is supervised by the CNMV and counts on Cecabank as a national partner for the custody of assets


HeyTrade is a new generation global investment platform that provides all investors with true and fast access to the world’s markets. The platform comes to market with the goal of reaching 100,000 users in twelve months.

The company starts with an initial offering, which it will gradually expand, of more than 1,500 national and international stocks listed on the European, Asian, North American and Latin American markets, classified in 15 categories: Women-Led Companies, Health, Sustainable Companies, ETFs, US Trade Stocks, Ibex 35 Stocks, EU Traded Stocks, Uk Trade Stocks, Switzerland Traded Stocks, Tech Companies, Asian Stocks, Latam Stocks, Electric Vehicles, Chinese companies and Recent IPOS. In addition, HeyTrade users will initially be able to invest in 35 worldwide ETFs without any buying or selling commissions.

Furthermore, HeyTrade’s real Open Banking approach makes it the best tool for individual investors to get the most out of their money in the most agile and simple way with much lower commissions than traditional players.

The platform’s differential technology allows users to register and start trading in less than five minutes, as well as offering the most competitive commissions in the market. Users of the Lite Account –those with portfolios of up to 25,000 euros– will pay only 0.1% per transaction, with a minimum of 2 euros. On the other hand, those with a Pro Account –more than 25,000 euros– will have commissions of 0.05%, also with a minimum of 2 euros. Currency exchange fees will be 0.25% and 0.10% respectively. As an inaugural offer, all users who register during 2021 will enjoy the Pro conditions until December 31, 2022.

Ramiro Martínez-Pardo, CEO and co-founder of the company, has highlighted the added value offered by HeyTrade, “private investors demand a platform that provides the same security as traditional entities and the technology of the new players, but with transparency and no small print. This is why HeyTrade was born: a more intuitive product, offering greater security, better technology and a fair pricing”.

Mindful of the importance of security, HeyTrade counts on the reliability of a national partner for the custody of assets such as Cecabank and the backing of the Spanish securities company, Beka Finance, registered with the CNMV. These partnerships enable the company to offer its users with the same level of security as a bank.

The company plans to close a financing round with international partners in the coming months to begin its international expansion in 2022.

About HeyTrade 

HeyTrade is an investment platform that aims to provide all traders with real access to all major markets and assets. Founded in June 2020, the HeyTrade app will arrive in Spain barely a year after its creation and will be available in other markets soon.

HEYTRADE TECH S.L. is registered with the CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) as an agent of Beka Finance, Sociedad de Valores, S.A., a company authorized and supervised by the CNMV and registered in its official registry under number 36.

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