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Forbes: “HeyTrade, an alternative to traditional brokers”

Nov 10, 2021 | HeyTrade Updates

We highlight 5 moments from the story about HeyTrade published in the latest edition of Forbes Spain.

“We don’t want investors to have to choose between the security of traditional banking and the best user experience of new platforms.” This is how Ramiro Martinez-Pardo, CEO of HeyTrade, introduced our platform in a special issue of Forbes magazine dedicated to investing.

The publication, available online and in print, takes an in-depth look at the wealth management industry and has been presented as a “clear bet in a year marked by a boom in retail investing, accompanied by investment apps, tokenized securities and greater penetration of the decentralized economy.”


Here are five key takeaways from the piece:

1. “Real access to markets”

In just 15 months HeyTrade has launched a made in Spain platform with a competitive offer and an operating model that is 100% comparable to what banks can offer. HeyTrade clients can invest in more than 1,500 securities of companies listed in European, Asian, North American and Latin American markets, with real access to the markets and operating in a transparent manner, far removed from the synthetic products offered by market maker brokers.

2. “An alternative to traditional banking”

Currently, much of the financial assets of households are still stuck in traditional banking, where returns are subject to low or negative interest rates, high costs and commissions, as well as cumbersome investment processes. Meanwhile, the digital brokers that have emerged in recent years fall short of offering a fully satisfactory experience, with sometimes implicit costs that offer trading exclusively in complex products such as CFDs. HeyTrade arrives to fill that gap between the two players and position itself as an alternative to traditional banking.

3. “Transparency as the backbone”

HeyTrade does not make any profit by directing client orders to a specific trading venue and is committed to transparency as the backbone of the company. This fintech comes to fill a clear market niche: an operation with the advantages of the new platforms, but with the assurance and guarantees of being registered with the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

4. “The lowest commissions in the market”

Its differential technology allows users to register and start trading in a matter of minutes, as well as offering the best commissions in the market. Users of the Lite Account, with portfolios of up to 25,000 euros, will pay only 0.1% per transaction, with a minimum of 2 euros. On the other hand, those who have the Pro Account, more than 25,000 euros, will have commissions of 0.05%, also with a minimum of 2 euros. Regarding currency exchange, they will be 0.25% and 0.10% respectively. Both Lite and Pro account users can invest in US-listed stocks and ETFs without commissions. As an introductory offer, all users who sign up during 2021 will enjoy the Pro terms until December 31, 2022.

5. “A promising road ahead”

In the short term they are going to include new assets, more ETFs, cryptocurrencies and options, as well as incorporating new open banking functionalities. […] Before the end of the year they are going to open waiting lists in three new countries: Portugal, France and Italy, which is only the first step of their international expansion, given that by 2022 they intend to implement in other European countries and in Latin America.


Like what you just read? You can check out the full version of the article (in Spanish), with exclusive statements from HeyTrade’s CEO, by clicking on this link.


The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and should, never, be considered as investment advice or recommendation. The recipient of this information must make his or her own financial decisions weighing the risks of his or her investments.

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