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Customer service, HeyTrade’s not-so-secret weapon

Jan 27, 2022 | HeyTrade Updates

All the Whatsapp conversations in this blog post are based on real events.*

*Names are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.


When it comes to defining the keys to success of an investment platform, the first things that come to mind are usually the size of the securities portfolio or the commissions that are applied. And although both factors are decisive for a new broker to be accepted by the investment community, they will not be enough to position itself as a solid player without impeccable customer service.

For some neobrokers, customer service plays a secondary role in their overall strategy. Which is understandable. After all, this department does not aim to attract new users. However, it is beyond question that having good customer success professionals is the only way to guarantee customer loyalty, ensure users’ well-being, and obtain sufficient feedback to offer them a positive and constantly improving experience.

In the wealthtech world, letting users know that behind an app there are real, accessible professionals, who are committed to the business and its customers, is one of the best guarantees for the success of a company. 


What do HeyTrade users look for (and find) in our customer service?


1. Well-managed expectations

In industries as competitive as ours, many companies are guilty of promising too much too soon. All for the sake of a one-off increase in downloads. Although these practices are not always due to bad faith on the part of the broker (they often reflect a lack of communication between departments), they are very likely to fatally wound the company’s reputation.

To manage expectations correctly, it is also important to know what the clients’ main demands and pain points are. “When users ask us to add new assets to our portfolio or features, we escalate the request and do our best to make it happen,” explains Ernesto Galiani, Customer Success specialist at HeyTrade. “We make sure we don’t promise anything that is not feasible. If our users are in for a surprise, we want it to be a positive one,” he adds. 

An example of this active listening can be found in the development of the web version of our platform, an idea that arose from various customer requests and will be presented in the coming months.

2. Transparency and a clear business model

Closely linked to the previous point is a key value in financial services: transparency. Beyond not overpromising, transparency is about avoiding fine print at all costs. If fees are charged, they must be presented honestly. If there is an error in the app, it must be communicated as soon as possible.

In this industry, uncertainty is a constant. These are the rules of the game and one must learn to live with it. But for this reason, the last thing traders need is to feel that their investment platform is withholding information from them or to discover that they do not actually own their securities. This is the case with some neobrokers that offer synthetic products that replicate a security. 

On the other hand, it may be the case that a user wants to know data that cannot be disclosed for legal and/or privacy reasons. In these cases, it is necessary to explain the situation clearly and avoid looking for excuses.

3. A team that puts themselves in your shoes

Being connected to the local culture and regulations is one of our greatest competitive advantages, and a prerequisite for providing satisfactory customer service. As a Spanish company, HeyTrade has first-hand knowledge of all the procedures and situations that investors must face in this country, and since our custodian is based in Madrid, we streamline tax procedures. However, this “connection” goes beyond the merely bureaucratic.  

Laura Guadamuro, Customer Success specialist at HeyTrade, puts it clearly: “In our department, we are the link between the company and the client. It is vital to always keep in mind that our users are entrusting us with something as important as their savings. Empathy is essential to put ourselves in their shoes and serve them as they deserve.”

For example, it should be borne in mind that not everyone who uses investment applications has the same technological knowledge or habits, and it is natural that some will require a helping hand from time to time. In these cases, putting yourself in the user’s shoes is the only way to resolve the situation, and the most effective strategy to ensure customer loyalty.



HeyTrade claimed third place in the Best Customer Service category at the Gala de los Premios Rankia 2021.

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