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A day in the life of Sergio González, DevOps Engineer Manager at HeyTrade

Oct 14, 2021 | Life at HeyTrade

HeyTraders know that working with Sergio Gonzalez is synonymous with quality. And it is precisely about this concept that we talk to our DevOps* Engineer Manager. In this installment of “A day in the life”, we chat with Sergio about his daily routine, his favorite moments in the company and his top productivity tip.

*For the less techy, “DevOps” is the combination of the terms development and operations.

What is your day-to-day life like at HeyTrade?

As a DevOps Engineer Manager, you don’t have a fixed routine. Every day is different. The tasks I carry out are very varied; they range from supporting the development teams with the installation and configuration of new features, to preventing security vulnerabilities. Other tasks are more regular, such as monitoring the correct performance of the application. The best thing about my job is that you learn something new every day.

Why did you join HeyTrade?

I was at a time when I felt like facing new professional challenges. I already had experience in startups and the fintech world, and I wanted to start a new adventure in the sector, but this time, being involved in the project from the beginning. I was seduced by the idea, the innovation and vision of the company, as well as the flexibility HeyTrade offers. Besides, I could not pass up the opportunity to meet again with talented former colleagues.

What has been your favorite moment at work?

It’s hard to stick to one, so I’ll say three. The first would be the 2020 Christmas event. It was remote due to restrictions because of Covid19, but it was a lot of fun: dinner, toasts, games, contests… It was a unique experience that I will never forget. Half a year later, the first face-to-face event arrived, in Madrid. The team had grown and we were finally able to meet in person! And last but not least, I would highlight the day the app was published in the Apple and Google Play stores. Seeing the result of months of hard work and effort was very special.

Tell us a word that is important to you when it comes to work?


In what sense?

When we talk about a quality application, it is not enough to meet a series of previously defined requirements, or to meet the expectations and needs of the client. For me, quality goes one step further. It is something that must be applied to all the processes of definition, integration and construction of the platform. It must also be present in the interaction with suppliers, and in our ability to react to failures and to ensure maximum security, availability and observability.

What would you like to achieve in HeyTrade?

I would love to implement what in the DevOps world is known as continuous delivery and continuous deployment processes. Making sure that every time a change is added, all kinds of tests, security analysis, builds and deployments are automatically executed until the change is brought to production.

“Quality is something that must be applied to all the processes of definition, integration and construction of a platform. It must also be present in the interaction with suppliers, and in our ability to react to failures.”

How has working at HeyTrade changed you?

Mainly, it has given me a greater focus on security, and I have really enjoyed working with some of the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

Finally, any productivity tips you would like to share?

One thing that is key to getting the most out of my workday is optimizing meetings, especially in remote environments.
I think it is essential to define the script for each meeting, and to keep them short, concise and, above all, conclusive. To make sure that we are all pulling in the same direction, it is also important to include all the conclusions reached in the minutes of the meeting.

Thanks Sergio!

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