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A day in the life of Laura Guadamuro, Customer Success Specialist at HeyTrade

Sep 7, 2021 | Life at HeyTrade

For the second interview of the “A day in the life” series, we sat down with Laura Guadamuro, Customer Success Specialist at HeyTrade. Laura addressed the importance of empathy, how she keeps track of her to-dos and why she is loving the start-up life.

What is your day-to-day life like at HeyTrade?

Every day is different. I usually start by reviewing the agenda and to-dos, and make a list of all the things I’m going to do during the day (although sometimes, I err on the side of optimism).

Each day, we have several team meetings to prioritize actions and share progress. Building a customer service department from scratch is hard, but very rewarding. We are very clear that we want to be very responsive and offer 100% personalized service to everyone who trusts HeyTrade. Since we will have several channels of communication with customers, we must be able to react immediately and we have to plan in detail how we coordinate with the rest of the departments. To provide a top notch experience to users, we have to imagine any possible situation and design an action plan to solve it.

Why did you join HeyTrade?

When I was told what HeyTrade was and how it was formed, I was immediately drawn to the project. Having the opportunity to be part of a company practically from its birth seemed like a challenge to me; and HeyTrade’s flexibility, work style and philosophy really won me over.

On the other hand, for me it was as if several pieces of a puzzle fit together. I studied finance and business, and much of my professional experience has been in customer service and banking. HeyTrade has allowed me to combine my strong interest in the financial world and my experience in customer success

What has been your favorite moment at work?

It’s hard to pick one, but I’d choose the summer event. After a few months working from home, it was the moment when it all came together. It was the first time I went to the office and I loved meeting my colleagues in person and getting a better idea of what each department was doing. These were intense but very lovely days, where we had the opportunity to interact with the rest of HeyTraders, discuss our concerns, give each other encouragement and see what a great team we are. I can’t wait for it to happen again!

Which word best describes the way you approach work?


Why empathy?

In my department, we are the link between the company and the customer. It is important to always keep in mind that our users are trusting us with something as important as their savings. Empathy is essential to put ourselves in their shoes and serve them as they deserve.

On the other hand, we must also disrupt as little as possible the working day of our colleagues in other departments. We are aware that they have a lot on their plate, but we have to get them to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. My job is an important exercise in balance, diplomacy and understanding.

What would you like to achieve in HeyTrade?

I would like to repeat this interview in a year’s time and say “it wasn’t easy but look what we have achieved”. I want to feel fulfilled and grow alongside HeyTrade. I am eager to show what I am capable of doing, consolidate knowledge and take every opportunity to keep learning.

“It is important to always keep in mind that our users are trusting us with something as important as their savings. Empathy is essential to put ourselves in their shoes and serve them as they deserve.”
How has working at HeyTrade changed you?

Before joining HeyTrade, my professional experience had been in very solid companies, with strict protocols and where you could hardly give your opinion. The atmosphere at HeyTrade is completely different. Creativity is in the air. All ideas are welcome and everyone is willing to listen and lend a hand. This freedom to come up with ideas and implement them makes me feel more fulfilled than ever. We are building something that feels a little bit like my own.

Finally, any productivity tips you would like to share?

In a startup there are always a thousand open fronts and it’s very easy to overlook something. For me, it’s essential to write everything down. Seeing the things I have pending on paper calms me down a lot and helps me not to lose focus.

Another thing that I consider important, although it may seem a cliché, is to do your best to be passionate about your work. When you put passion into something, things come out better and everything is much easier, especially when you work remotely and have more distractions than in the office. If you are passionate about what you do, you will never stop learning and bringing value.

Thanks Laura!

We are hiring! If you want to join Laura and help build HeyTrade, check out the Careers section and follow us on LinkedIn. 


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